• What is an Early College Program?

    –Provide dual credit at no cost to students

    –Create a seamless transition from high school to college

    –Offer rigorous instruction and accelerated courses

    –Provide academic and social support services to help student succeed

    –Increase college readiness

    –Reduce barriers to college access

    Design of Garza ECHS at Mountain View College

    The design of Garza ECHS was initiated five years ago through a partnership with Mountain View College (Dallas County Community College District) and University of North Texas. It was this Consortium that elected the college campus model for the grant.   Since its inception, there have been no major changes in the design. Because the present design embeds Garza ECHS students in a college-going culture from their enrollment as a freshmen to their senior year, students are well aware of the expectations and purpose of our early college campus.


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    Associate of Science