• Library Policies

     Student Checkout Policy

    • We want students to check out books and enjoy them! 

      Student reading

    • Students may check out books for up to two weeks.
    • Books may be renewed (checked out again) up to two times. This policy is in place for students who need longer than one or two weeks to read a large chapter book.
    • Students are responsible for returning books on time and in good condition.
    • Students will be charged for lost or severely damaged books in order to replace them in the collection. If you are having difficulty paying for a book, please contact the librarian to discuss available options.


    We have an open library policy.
    This means that as soon as a student finishes a book, he or she may bring the book to the library and check out a new one - even if it is not their regularly scheduled library day.
    Teachers are encouraged to allow students to visit the library as needed during the 7:50-8:15 time period.


     How Many Books Can I Check Out?

     Pre-K  1 book 
     Kindergarten  1 book (Fall) 2 books (Spring)
     First Grade
     2 books
     Second Grade
     2 books
     Third Grade
     3 books
     Fourth Grade
     3 books
     Fifth Grade
     4 books