• Check-Out ProceduresChecking Out Books

    Get a shelf-marker. Use the shelf-marker when looking at books to save the spot of a book pulled off the shelf. This will help you put the book back in its proper place. 
    Tips for finding a "good fit" book.
    Is it interesting?
    Can I read it? (Check for the language used to write the story)
    I can read a book using the pictures, the words, or the words and pictures together.
    Do I like the pictures?
    Does it contain information that will be useful to me if I need it for a project?

    Go to the Circulation Desk to check out your books.

    • Click in the top search box
    • Type your number (ID#) and hit enter
    • Scan the DISD barcode (long barcode on the side of the back cover) for each book


    Sit down and read silently until your teacher is ready to leave.