• Graduation Requirements

    In addition to passing all sections of the state exit exam, the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills, students must complete the requirements of one of the graduation plans shown in the Dallas ISD Student Handbook (.pdf format).

    Requirements for all Graduation Plans

    • Students may substitute certain physical activities for the required credits of physical education. Substitutions must be based on physical activity involved in drill team, marching band, and cheerleading during the fall semester; JROTC; athletics; Dance I-IV; and two- or three-credit career and technology education work-based training courses.

    • High school courses for which credit has been earned in middle school shall not be repeated in grades nine through 12. English for Speakers of Other Languages I and II classes can be substituted for English I and English II credit only; all students must take English III and IV (or English IV equivalent) to meet state graduation requirements.

    • College Board Advanced Placement courses may be substituted for requirements in appropriate content areas.

    2014-2015 Graduation Plan Requirements

    Pick Your HB 5 Graduation Plan
    Texas lawmakers have recently passed education legislation that is designed to make all students ready for college or meaningful careers. Under the new plans, eighth-grade students will choose an endorsement or area of study to focus on when they enter high school.