• Data Coaching Services

    The Data Coaching Program is a grant-funded initiative with the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation (MSDF). This program supports the systemic use of data to further student academic achievement. The MSDF grant will fund data coaches to build broad support for teachers and administrators in the use of a comprehensive data system and data analysis process. In collaboration with campus and district stakeholders, data coaches spread data literacy, provide feedback, and support the use of comprehensive data to monitor student and staff performance.
    To build a district culture that empowers campus leaders to use and promote collaborative data inquiry for student achievement.

  • Orient campuses to data
  • Assist and promote data literacy and analysis
  • Provide a feedback system
    3 major components of the Data Coaching Program (using a Data Literacy Framework):
    1) Data Literacy Toolbox and Professional Development Modules
    2) Dallas ISD Data Advisory Team
    3) Data Practices Literacy Review
    Data Literacy Framework

    Data Literacy means that a person possesses a basic understanding of how data can be used to inform instruction.  It includes developing an understanding of a wide variety of tools and resources for accessing and converting data into meaning information.

    Data Literacy Framework