• Bond Vendor Opportunities

    The Dallas ISD Construction Services/Bond Office is located at 9400 North Central Expressway, Ste. 800, Dallas, TX 75231.  Please be sure to submit all Construction Services bids/proposals to this location, Ste.800.


    What is the Restricted Contact Period?

    "Restricted Contact Period" shall mean a prohibition on any communication regarding any RFP, bid or other competitive solicitation between:
            1. Any person who seeks an award from the District or its affiliated entities including a potential vendor or vendor's representative; and
            2. Any Board member, the Superintendent, senior staff member, principal, department head, director, manager or other District employee who has influence in the evaluation or selection process. 

    Per CHE (Local) – Purchasing and Acquisition – Vendor Relations and Restricted Contact Period

    “The Restricted Contact Period shall begin upon the issuance of an RFP, bid or other competitive solicitation and shall officially end upon execution of an award by the Board and/or the execution of an award by the Board and/or the execution of a negotiated contract, whichever represents the final act in the procurement process.”  Regardless of the above time period, it is not acceptable for a potential vendor to participate in determining the scope of work, strategic direction, technical specifications, or evaluation criteria of such projects.  The potential vendor or vendor’s representative shall send all written communication directly to the designated procurement staff.” 

    Below you will find the current Construction Services Bid Calendar, 2020 TDGs, and current Bond Vendor Opportunities.  Click on the proposal name to get more information and to download relevant supporting documentation.  

    Construction Services Bid Calendar - 05.24.2024 

    Restricted Contact Period List - 05.03.2024

    2020 Bond Technical Design Guidelines

    Dallas Independent School District -Educational Specifications