Armadillo Logo
  • COLORS: Navy Blue and Silver
    MASCOT: Armadillo


  • Armadillo Creed:

    I am a proud Nathan Adams Armadillo.

    With hard work and effort, I can accomplish anything.

    Today, I choose to be successful.


  • Nathan Adams School Song:


    Click to hear “Nathan Adams Best in Town”  performed by Charles Mason.


               Hey! Look us over, we are the best!

    Nathan Adams Armadillos always beat the rest.


    We’re up and at’em every single day.

    We’re brainy and happy, we’re clever and snappy

    In each and every way!


    So, let’s get up like the sunrise,

    Shine with a glow,

    Nathan Adams Armadillos, always on the go.


    We’re spectacular people with wonderful spirit

    Who never let you down.

     Nathan Adams, best in town!!!



    Tune: Hey! Look Me Over

    Words: Roy E. Johnson, September 1989


Last Modified on September 1, 2022