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    Hospital Homebound

  • Program Overview

    Hospital Homebound is a program within the special education department. Instruction is designed to provide a continuity of educational services between the classroom and the home/hospital setting for students whose medical needs prevent school attendance on campus.


    Hospital Homebound Program Flyer


    Homebound Program

    Offers instruction to students enrolled in the district who will be absent from school for medical or psychiatric reasons. Homebound instruction is provided by a certified general education and/or special education teacher and offered to general and special education students with non-contagious illnesses and other medical conditions. 

    The homebound helpdesk ( offers assistance to district personnel, healthcare professionals and families regarding the homebound process.

    To qualify for homebound services, students must be enrolled in Dallas ISD. The parent/guardian submits a completed homebound application packet to The ARD or Section 504 Committee will determine if homebound services are appropriate after confirming eligibility for services based on TEA eligibility criteria listed below.

    TEA Homebound Eligibility Criteria:        

    1. The student is expected to be confined at home or hospital bedside for a minimum of 4 weeks (the weeks do not have to be consecutive).
    2. The student is confined at home or hospital bedside for medical reason only.
    3. The student’s medical condition is documented by a physician licensed to practice in the United States.

    The parent/guardian should immediately coordinate assignments, grades and attendance with the student’s enrolled campus until a determination is made by the committee. Please contact the Homebound Helpdesk at (972) 581-4143 or via for additional information.

    Homebound Flyer


    Hospital/Residential Program

    Students served in this program are confined to a hospital or residential facility within the Dallas ISD geographical attendance area.  Students receive instruction in available core subject areas in which they were previously enrolled at their sending campus. Instruction is provided by a certified general education and/or special education teacher.

    Enrollment Process

    Parents/guardians complete Dallas ISD enrollment documents during onsite hospital/facility intake process. Completed enrollment forms are sent to   Hospital Homebound registrar receives documents and enters student information into PowerSchool. Enrollment documents are distributed for review to inter-office staff (counselor, LSSP, RF tracker, data controller).  Student schedules are entered in PowerSchool by counselor (secondary students -TEA ORG #099 and elementary students – TEA ORG #299).

    A Refusal of School Services Form is requested from parents/guardians who do not want to enroll their students in Dallas ISD Hospital/Residential Facilities for educational services.

    Surrogate Parents

    IDEA requires that state and local education agencies involve parents in decisions about their child’s needs. In situations where the child is a ward of the state, has no parents, or no parents can be located, a surrogate parent must be appointed to represent the child and protect the child’s rights in matters relating to identification, evaluation, and educational placements in special education.

    Who is not eligible to be a surrogate parent?

    • A school district employee or any agency involved in care or education of the child, such as DFPS, the Texas Juvenile Justice Department, a school, or a Residential Treatment Center
    • Any person with personal or professional interests that conflict with the interests of the student

    Steps to becoming a Surrogate Parent in Dallas ISD:

    The information for becoming a vendor is on the Dallas ISD web page. Steps to get to the instructions are listed below.

    1. Go to Departments
    2. Procurement Services
    3. Click the Supplier Opportunities (yellow) box
    4. Click on Welcome to isupplier
    5. Click on New Supplier
    6. When you click on the Quick Reference Card you will see the isupplier URL link to the application
    7. Once vendor account is active, vendor will contact SPED Department at 972-581-4548, to complete the process.


    Surrogate and Foster Parent Training

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