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    Our mission is to maintain and distribute the District's State Adopted Instructional Materials resources.

    Department Profile

    The Department has been maintaining the District's Instructional Materials resources consisting of more than 2000 individual titles for over 230 campuses and 158,000 students.  Since the passing of Senate Bill 6 the Textbook Services Department has worked diligently to provide materials while being fiscally responsible using the State's Instructional Materials Allotment.

    Office: 2517 S Ervay
      Dallas, TX.  75215
    Phone: 972-925-4785


    Mary Lozano-Baker   972-925-4791

    Elementary Schools, TIP Web Access, Dual-Credit/Early College, Training

    Ladonna Fuller  972-925-4792

    Secondary Schools, Pickups, Audits, Training

    Matt Tyner 972-925-4787


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    2517 S. Ervay St. Dallas, Texas 75215 (972) 925-4785