Overview of Program

    • Little Kids Rock is an amazing activity that elementary students can be involved in Dallas ISD. This program introduces elementary students to musical concepts through contemporary music genres like pop, rock, country, and hip hop. Using a culturally relevant and responsive curriculum, students are engaged on instruments like ukulele, drums, and piano and even get to write their own songs. 

    • Modern Band is the secondary school version of Little Kids Rock. This program provides extensive opportunities for secondary students in Dallas ISD to explore contemporary music like pop, rock, county, and hip hop whether they are musical beginners or have been playing an instrument for years. Students will form bands to practice and perform popular music while they establish musical literacy foundations that will serve them in any musical endeavor. 


    The joint goal is to provide students, K-12 with a vibrant, inclusive music education has resulted in a robust program that currently serves nearly 10,000 students in Dallas ISD, which is the second largest program in the United States. 

    Community Partnerships

    • Dallas Symphony Orchestra
    • AT&T Performing Art Center
    • Women’s Chorus of Dallas
    • The Black Academy of Arts & Letters
    • Southern Methodist University


    Dallas ISD boasts one of the largest LKR/Modern Band programs in the nation. Last year, a Modern Band student at Molina High School was chosen as a winner in the Country Music Association’s Words and Music Songwriting Competition for his original song composed and recorded as part of the Modern Band program.

     modern band



    Middle Schools

    High Schools

    Atwell Middle School

    Thomas Jefferson High School

    Seagoville Middle School

    Molina High School

    Stockard Middle School

    Seagoville High School

     Obama YMLS

     Conrad High School

    Rangel YWLS  


    P.I.E.D.M.O.N.T. Academy MS

    Townview Magnet High Schools    

    Bryan Adams High School 

    Booker T Washington HSPVA

    Rangel YWLS