Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get access to TIPWeb?

    Email LaDonna Fuller at


    Can we come pick our books up?

    No. We do not allow personal pickups due to safety concerns.


    Can we give old books to students?

    You may only give books to students once the materials have been determined as out of adoption.


    My order status shows as “new.” What does that mean?

    A “new” status indicates that your order has been created and saved but not submitted. This means that we will not see the order on our side of things in the system. To submit your requisition, go back in and click the orange arrow button (between the green save button and the blue cancel button). Clicking this button will send the requisition to Textbook Services for approval.


    My order status shows as “submitted.” What does that mean?

    A “submitted” status means that you successfully submitted your order and that it’s now awaiting approval by Textbook Services.


    My order status shows as “in progress.” What does that mean?

    An “in progress” status means that items in your requisition have been approved or denied and that a pick ticket has been printed and sent to our textbook warehouse for fulfillment.


    My order status shows as “in transit.” What does that mean?

    An “in transit” status means that your order has left the warehouse after being picked up by Motor Pool. During our slow season, this means your order should arrive in about 3 business days. However, during busier seasons, delivery may take longer because Motor Pool serves the entire District, not just Textbook Services.

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