• Holiday Guidelines


    • The use of religious symbols such as nativity scenes, Buddha statues, crosses, and the Star of David is not allowed in the schools or other district buildings.
    • District materials, mail, and e-mail cannot be used to send holiday wishes or greetings.
    • The use of secular bulletin boards, seasonal games, trees, and decorations that do not feature religious symbols is acceptable.
    • Each holiday observed by students from several religious traditions may be acknowledged in class.

    Gift Giving and Receiving

    • Gift exchanges among students may not be conducted in the classroom.
    • Teachers and other district employees are not allowed to accept gifts of more than $50 per year from vendors or other persons interested in or likely to become interested in doing business with the district.
    • Gifts can be provided for all members of a class if they come from a parent group, PTA, or community organization.
    For more information on what is and is not allowed, consult the principal or go to Texas Association of School Boards (EMI Regulation)