• Minds:  Academic Challenge & Support for College and Beyond
    Our goal is to prepare all students for college and the ever-changing world around them.  College-readiness is a term we use to describe mastery-level academic learning.   This occurs when students learn rigorous content and demonstrate high levels of competence within the subject area.  We strive for high quality learning by selecting purposeful activities and task. Teachers work together by studying and planning lessons, assessing learning, and providing intervention and extension activities.    
    Our Campus Improvement Plan (CIP) aligns every classroom with core research-based teaching practices which maximize learning for each and every student.  All classrooms will consistently demonstrate these universal, best practices for teaching and learning:
    Tasks will be rigorous, thus involving the pairing of core content knowledge and thinking skills.  Tasks will require students to synthesize information from multiple sources, explain, justify, summarize, and evaluate.
    Student Engagement
    Students will be engaged in relevant learning that promotes maximum participation.   Collaborative tasks and classroom discussions will be deeply rooted in content, promote critical thinking skills, and explore connections to text, self, and world.
    Clear Expectations & Feedback
    Learning expectations will be well-organized.  Students will understand learning goals and use tools to measure their own progress, such as criteria charts, rubrics, and specific, frequent feedback.
    CIP Goals for 2021-2022:

          All students will perform at or above grade level, as measured by

    • 90% of students meeting the minimum state standards on STAAR (3-5 grade) and TERRA NOVA (K-2)
    • 50% of students meeting the college-ready (commended) performance level on STAAR


    CIP Academic Expectations/Objectives:

    CIP Chart