• Booker T. Washington HSPVA - Theatre Department

    Beginning Lights and Sound




    Course Description

    Beginning Lights and Sound is a class designed to give the student the knowledge and skills needed to work in a professional theater light and/or sound crew. It will cover the basics of light, sound, and electricity; how to safely use the instruments and equipment (including the light board and sound board) and light and sound design. 

    Course Requirements

    Prerequisite: Intro to Tech

    Paper - To take notes

    Pens or pencils - To take notes and tests (no funky or bizarre colors please)

    Folder – To keep your Beginning Lights and Sound stuff together


    Course Objectives

    1.      The students will learn the basics of light

    2.      The students will learn the basics of electricity

    3.      The students will learn the basics of sound

    4.      The students will learn and use light and sound equipment safety and maintenance

    5.      The students will learn the basics of sound design

    6.      The students will learn the basics of lighting design



    The final grade will be computed on the following DISD grading formula:

    Classwork                                                                                            40%

    Includes worksheets and your daily progress on your light and sound design project

    Tests/Quizes                                                                                         25%

    Tests and quizzes (both written and hands on) are given regularly to evaluate your understanding of the material

    Projects/Products                                                                                  20%

    This will be reviews of your design at mid-six weeks and at the end of the six weeks

    Six Weeks Test                                                                                     15%

    A comprehensive written test of all knowledge covered up to that point in class



    Course Schedule/Syllabus


    This is a lot of information to cover in this class. Students are expected to be ready for tests and quizzes the first time.

    Quizzes are given with little notice and are worth 50 points. Tests are scheduled at least one class period ahead with a review and are worth 100 points. They will cover material discussed during class.

     You will be working on a theoretical light and sound design for a 10 minute play.  You will responsible for keeping your entire project together and neat.  There will be periodic checks of your progress.  This completed project will be your final exam grade for the class.

    Attendance every class day is very important and therefore mandatory.  If you are absent, it is your responsibility to find out what you missed and to schedule time with your teacher or get notes from your classmates to catch up.  If you miss a test, you will need to schedule a time with the teacher to make it up.

    Responsibility for making up work lies entirely on the student. Students should make appointments with their teachers to determine which work needs to be completed. Students assume the entire burden of getting work done and handing it in to their teachers within the required time limit.


    Weeks 1-3: Introduction to Lighting Design, Controllable Properties of Lighting, Functions of Stage Lighting, Lighting Instruments

    Weeks 3-5: Directions of Lighting, Lighting Methods, Color

    Weeks 5-7: Electricity, Lamps, Power Chain

    Weeks 7-9: Hanging and Focusing Lights, The Light Board

    Weeks 9-14: Sound

    Weeks 15-18: Finalize Light and Sound Design Project