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    Advanced Acting LAB




    Course Description

    Advanced Acting LAB is an acting internship in co-ordination with the Dallas Theatre Center. The two-semester Advanced Acting Class will examine specific techniques and methods used by an actor to create and sustain a role in contemporary and classical theatrical productions.


    Course Requirements

    Students must audition for the class in the spring of their junior year. 

    The student will attend, be prepared for, and actively participate in all class sessions. Each student must demonstrate an ongoing personal commitment to their own growth as an artist, as well as supporting and contributing to the full ensemble.


    Course Objectives

    1.      The students will learn and participate in various acting exercises

    2.      The students will develop characters for various scenes using the journal/character notebook

    3.      The students will rehearse, perform and discuss scenes

    4.      The students will participate in public performance

    5.      The students will observe and assist as requested in rehearsals at the Dallas Theater Center.




    The final grade will be computed on the following DISD grading formula:

    Classwork                                                                                                                             40%

    Your daily work in class with your instructors

    Written Assignments                                                                                                           25%

    Your character analysis, plot analysis, written Objectives, etc.

    Performance                                                                                                                         20%

    Average of grades by all teachers on the final performance

    6 weeks test                                                                                                                          15%

    This grade will be given by your lead teacher for that section on your overall work on the monologue or scene


    Course Schedule/Syllabus

    Over the course of the year, the class sessions will include theater exercises, scene coachings and presentations, lecture/demonstrations, master classes, workshops, and group discussions.

    Throughout the year, the class will participate in four rotations of scene assignments (two per semester). The scenes will each include two actors cast in roles of equal size. The instructors will assign the scenes and make the casting assignments. The rotations will culminate in a Scene Showing for the class and invited guests.

    Each pair of students in a scene will be required to rehearse together outside of the scheduled class hours for two hours each week. The scene partners are required to schedule their rehearsals and work productively on their own. If a scene has not been adequately rehearsed, the instructors may refuse to provide coaching in class.

    The student will read the full script of any play from which they are doing a scene. Additionally, the student will be assigned to read various texts about acting and aspects of theater and to engage in classroom discussions.

    Each student will complete 12 hours of intern work at Dallas Theater Center during the fall semester.

    The internships will include observing and/or assisting the professional actors and stage managers at Mainstage rehearsals. Additional assistantship opportunities may be offered to fulfill the internship requirement.

    The intern hours will occur outside of regular school hours; they will be individually scheduled to correspond to each student’s availability.

    Section 1 week 1-3 Introduction to Class and Textbooks, Monologues

    Section 2 Week 4-8 Modern Scene Study

    Section 3 Week 8-15 Greek

    Section 4 Week 16 – 21 Second Modern Scene Study

    Section 5 Week 21 – 23 Master Class with DTC staff

    Section 6 Week 23 - 28 Shakespeare

    Section 7 Week 29 Skokos Showcase Performance Week

    Section 8 Week 30 Recap and self Evaluation