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    Stage Combat




    Course Description

    Stage Combat is a course designed to teach the basics of stage violence. 1 semester class for juniors and seniors, only


    Course Requirements

    Prerequisite: Mime and Movement

    Proper Attire (see below)


    Course Objectives

    1.      The students will learn and use the basics of stage combat

    2.      The students will learn and use the basics of unarmed combat and edged combat

    3.      The students will learn and use the basics of fighting for the camera

    4.      The students will learn and use the basics of other weapon styles.




    The final grade will be computed on the following DISD grading formula:

    Classwork                                                                                                                             40%

    Your daily work in class with your instructors. This includes daily warmups

    Test/Quizes                                                                                                                           25%

    This includes any type of stage combat performance or scenework

    Projects/Products                                                                                                                   20%

    This will be hands on performance reviews on your technique

    6 weeks test                                                                                                                          15%

    Your written work includes fight notations and any analysis of fight scenes 


    Course Schedule/Syllabus

    Daily warm ups are very important. The body must be prepared to move properly. You must be dressed appropriately. Jeans, slacks, cargo pants, skirts and dresses are not conducive to class. Acceptable clothes for class are warm up pants, shorts, yoga pants and tights and sweat shirts, t-shirts and other free moving clothing. Shoes must be worn during class and must be ok to move in. Tennis shoes or dance shoes and acceptable. Shoes should be form fitting and not easily slip off. Sandals, boots, flip fops and barefoot or stocking feet are unacceptable. Jewelry must be removed for class, because this can cause a safety concern for both you and your partner. If you are not dressed out for class then you will not receive any credit for your daily class work grade for that day.


    If you are found in an area you are not supposed to be or inactive when you have been given a task, it will reflect on your daily work grade. If you are acting in an unsafe manner you will be asked to sit out for the remainder of class and this will reflect in your daily work grade.

    We will start with and focus mainly on Unarmed. This will give everyone a good foundation in the techniques of stage combat.

    We will also study single sword (swashbuckling).

    We will also study fighting for the camera.

    Time permitting we will touch on the other weapon types including

    Knife, Broadsword, Rapier and Dagger, Small Sword, Sword and Shield, and Quarterstaff.

    Weeks 1-12: Unarmed

    Weeks 5-16: Single Sword

    Weeks 17-18: Fighting for Film