• Dance I-IV: All students receive Texas State Credit for Classical Ballet under the courses Dance I-IV. Each course has the subtitles: Basic, Beginning, Beginning-Intermediate, Intermediate, and Advanced Ballet.

    Each level of dance instruction builds on the foundation of knowledge and skills established at prior levels. Each course has a unique focus, expanding students’ knowledge base, introducing and refining techniques and skills, and acting as a building block for more advanced work. In Dance I, students learn the importance of daily practice for building dance skills and techniques. Advanced students maintain and refine techniques and skills through consistent, structured work. Students apply the discipline, commitment, and problem-solving skills required in dance to other aspects of their lives.

    Ballet courses develop physical proficiency in the performance of ballet vocabulary while promoting an understanding of the principles, practices, and vocabulary common to ballet. Ballet training enables the students to gain strength, balance, and dexterity with an emphasis on correct anatomical alignment. Barre exercises prepare the musculature to anticipate the execution of virtually all movements of the classical vocabulary. Knowledge acquired at the barre is tested in the center through adagio and allegro sections of the class. These courses emphasize a refinement of technical practices of ballet including the integration of stylistic concepts of dynamics, quality of movement, line, musicality, and intent. Ballet concentrates on performance and artistry of the full ballet vocabulary. Pointe work combined with classical partnering is optional at the intermediate and advanced levels. 

    Beginning-Intermediate Ballet I-IV furthers the student’s technical ability.  Students are exposed to an expanded ballet vocabulary with emphasis on petite and grand allegro combinations.

    Advanced Ballet I-IV is continuations of the previous level in which students demonstrate satisfactory pointe work and expertise in the ballet technique covered in all other ballet classes.  Performance style and artistry are emphasized throughout the course. (Taught by guest ballet faculty member, Ruben Gerding)

    Click here for the Advanced Ballet Syllabus