• Contemporary Studies I-IV develops the student’s understanding of fundamental principles, practices, and vocabulary common to Contemporary Studies in Dance and fundamental to the Modern Movement which broke away from the classical traditions of ballet. Classes consist of a series of technical exercises that condition the body for strength, flexibility, endurance, and coordination; develop a physical and conceptual awareness of the elements of space, time, and energy; and promote performance skills of concentration, focus, intent, and musicality. Emphasis is on building the physical capacities of the body with awareness of alignment, developing complete range of motion, developing rhythmic clarity and spatial intent, developing musicality, developing movement analysis skills, and learning skills of focus and concentration. Contemporary Studies in Dance involves qualitative aspects of movement patterning, sequencing, and performance through axial and complex traveling combinations.  Emphasis is placed on breath control, phrasing, clarity of line, and movement qualities. Improvisation and extended combinations develop performance commitment.  

    Beginning-Intermediate I-IV is a continuation of Beginning Modern I-IV with continued emphasis on the development of more difficult skills.  This course will review skills introduced in Beginning Modern I-IV and will introduce the fundamental skills necessary for Intermediate Modern I-IV.  This course will introduce the fundamental techniques necessary to introduce the concepts in the various schools of classical modern dance. The course concentrates on dynamic qualities, musical phrasing, and artistry.

    Intermediate Modern I-IV are courses in which students must be able to demonstrate technical proficiency in several different schools of modern dance technique with emphasis on the articulation of the torso and off center techniques.  Style, performance quality, and dynamics are emphasized; and execution of complex rhythmic combinations with weight and directional changes is required.

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