• Campus Checklist of Roles and Responsibilities

    To assist campuses with energy conservation program planning, the Energy Management Department has developed a checklist for sustainable energy savings. The recommendations below are to guide campuses with developing energy savings strategies. Staff, students, and the community all have a vital role in the success of the campus program.

    Campus Roles and Responsibilities


    • Include energy, waste, and water use awareness in staff meetings.
    • Ensure an active, student-led environmental/sustainability program on campus.
    • Consider adjusting building operation schedules for campus programs and equipment operation. Please be sure to follow notification process for HVAC and Maintenance Service Departments to request equipment operation adjustments after hours by contacting (972) 925-4900.

    Principals, students, teachers, and office staff

    • Turn off interior lighting when a space is unoccupied regardless of the length of time away from the area. If leaving vacant room turn off lights.
    • Unplug receptacles for electronics when not in use (electric pencil sharpeners, hole punchers, radios, laminators, TVs, VCRs, and DVD players).
    • Make use of daylight when available rather than using energized lighting.
    • Use a task lamp or use the lower level of lighting if dual switched when students are not in the classroom. 
    • Turn off the entire computer lab during off periods throughout the day.
    • Eliminate personal refrigerators and microwaves by using central refrigerators and microwaves.
    • Operate kitchen appliances as needed. For example, include appliance warm-up time on recipes and wait until is necessary to turn on.
    • Keep exterior doors closed when using air-conditioning.
    • Close blinds on hot temperature days.
    • Keep the air conditioning supply and return air vents free from blockage by books, decorations, furniture, etc.
    • Support school environmental clubs and recycling programs. 

    Custodial Staff

    • Weatherize the facility (Seal air passages where air leaks may occur).
    • Report water leaks and broken windows to Maintenance Services.
    • Avoid using power-generated equipment such as vacuums, buffers, or any other heavy equipment during peak hours (from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. in summer).
    • Turn lights on only in the room as cleaning is performed. Use lower-level lighting when possible.
    • De-lamp all vending machines, trophy cases, etc.
    • Set thermostat for unoccupied mode, where possible.
    • Clean large areas that require more lighting, such as gymnasiums and cafeterias after school hours. Once areas are cleaned, be sure to turn off the lights.
    • Ensure exterior lighting, such as parking lot lights, are off during the day.
    • Turn off electronic scoreboards when not in use (winter breaks, spring break, summer, etc.).
    • Turn off portable classroom HVAC units during when unoccupied. 

    Energy Management and Sustainability Department

    • Serves as a program resource to campuses to assist with achieving program goals.
    • On-going monitoring and analysis of campus waste/recycle production, water use and energy consumption.
    • Communicate campus consumption and cost to campuses.
    • Perform energy, water, and waste audits.
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