• Officers
    The Student Council Officers include the Class Officers, which are elected by each grade, and the Student Council Executive Officers, which are elected by the student body at-large. Elections take place in April for the following school year. 
    Here is the slate for the 2022/2023 school year
    Class of 26 President is Mia Woodruff 
          Class of 26 VP is Katherine Ramirez
          Class of 26 Treasurer is Matthew Harvey
          Class of 26 Secretary is Ephrathah Million
          Class of 26 Social Media Officer is Jules Jones
     Class of 25 President is Luis Morel
          Class of 25 VP is Guillermo Torres Amaya
          Class of 25 Treasurer is Noah Raphael
          Class of 25 Secretary is Alyssa Cardoso
          Class of 25 Social Media Officer is Peyton Berman
    Class of 24 President is Melody Terrero
          Class of 24 VP is Keyla Sanchez
          Class of 24 Treasurer is Carlos Chavez
          Class of 24 Secretary is Monzerat Martinez
          Class of 24 Social Media Officer is  TBA
    Class of 23 President is Colombe Akpaca
          Class of 23 VP is Carolina Windham
          Class of 23 Treasurer is Xinyi Zhou
          Class of 23 Secretary is Makalah Tennison
          Class of 23 Social Media Officer is Kennedy Chevalier