Booker T.Washington HSPVA—Theatre Department





    BeginningActing is arequired one semester course for all students new to the Theatre Cluster.  It is an introductory course designed toteach many of the basic elements of acting. Basic theatrical vocabulary willalso be learned. Masks will be explored. A process of character development will be learned and used by thestudents.  The students will create theircharacters physically and emotionally within the given circumstances of theplaywright.  A notebook whichincorporates these elements as well as research, subtext and a complexcharacter analysis will be developed. The students will use improv, monologues and scenes during the semester.


    Pleasearrive on time and prepared for class. Promptness and attendance are mandatoryfor success in this course.  You shoulddress appropriately for class.  Classwill begin with a physical warm-up and each student is expected to createcharacters physically as well as vocally. You will be expected to develop a character notebook for each characteryou study.  It is necessary for you toturn work in on time and to correct notes given on initial performances.

    Appropriateaudience decorum is a major component in the theatre classes.  Pay close attention to anyone who isperforming in class and demand that same attention when you perform.


    1.       The students will learn and useproper physical warm-up techniques.

    2.       The students will developvocabulary for acting.

    3.       The students will study theelements of improvisation.

    4.       The students will explore theelements of conflict.

    5.       The students will study andperform with masks for physical characterization.

    6.       The students will study and usethe elements of character Analysis.

    7.       The students will develop anduse a process of character development including sub-text, physicalization,plot, character voice and research to create a character notebook.

    8.       The students will create andperform characters from monologues and scenes


    Thefinal grade will be computed on the following DISD grading formula:

    Classwork/Homework                                                             40%

    Daily physical warm-ups


    Tests:                                                                                      25%



    Projects                                                                                  20%                                                                      

    1st performance

    Class studies

    Six-Week Test Grade:                                                             15%

    Final Performance



    Weeks1-5:  Acting Vocabulary, beginningImprovisation, Landscape and rhythm exercise, observation and

    concentration exercises, Base-linemonologue

    Weeks6-7:  Mask work

    Weeks8-12:  Read and analyze a one-act play,Character work on monologue: Physical action, Character Notebook,

     two performances

    Weeks13-18:  Read and analyze a two or threeact play Character work on scene: Physical Action, Character

                    Notebook, two performances