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    CommunicationApplication/Portfolio is a one semester course which meets thegraduation requirement for Speech and serves to help prepare the student forSenior Showcase and college auditions. The students will perform at least three speeches, do three presentationsof their theatrical work, research colleges, scholarships, resumes, participatein practice interviews and write college application essays.  The students will study the best ways ofpresenting themselves and their work. The class is specifically designed to aid the students in organizingtheir body of work.



    Pleasearrive on time and prepared for class. Promptness and attendance are mandatoryfor success in this course.  You shoulddress appropriately for class.  The workpresented in this class should be the best work you are capable of producing.

    Appropriateaudience decorum is a major component in the theatre classes.  Pay close attention to anyone who isperforming in class and demand that same attention when you perform.


    Course Objectives

    1.       The student demonstratesknowledge of communication as a process for exchanging messages and creatingmeaning.

    2.       The student uses appropriateinterpersonal communication strategies.

    3.       The student uses appropriatecommunication in group situations.

    4.       The student uses appropriatestrategies to rehearse and present a speech introducing self as an artist.

    5.       The student uses appropriatestrategies to rehearse and present a speech instructing class in aspect of theindividual focus area.

    6.       The student uses appropriatestrategies to rehearse and present a speech persuading class to accept anaspect of artist area

    7.       The student will present aspectof artistic work every six weeks.

    8.       The student will research andpresent three colleges.

    9.       The student will research andpresent three scholarships.

    10.    The student will prepare andstore resume.



    Classwork/Homework                                                                             40%

       Class participation, critiques

    Tests:                                                                                                      25%


    Project:                                                                                                    20%

       Presentation of work

    Six-WeekTest Grade:                                                                             15%

       Final Project



    Weeks1-3:  Present an introductory speech

    Weeks3-4:  Research three colleges and presentone to the class

    Weeks7-8:  Research and present explanatoryspeech

    Weeks9-10: Research three scholarships

    Weeks13-14:  Research and present persuasivespeech

    Weeks5, 11, 17:  Develop review and correctresume

    Week15:  Fill out common application

    Week16:  Write college essays

    Weeks 5-6, 11-12, 17-18:  Prepare and present monologues, designportfolios, construction or writing