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    Mime TroupeIII




    Course Description

    MimeTroupe III is an ensemblecourse that offers intensive practical experience in mime, movement and maskwork to students who work as ensemble members. The class functions as a mimecompany engaged in the processes of creation, rehearsal, and performance ofmask work and silent theatre. Emphasis is on a variety of rehearsal andperformance processes, ensemble skills, and performancedisciplines.  The course produces one major mime (silent theatre) worka year.  Students create masks andperform mask studies.  The course may betaken for three years. Asstudents advance, technique should improve, larger roles will be taken andleadership positions will be expected.


    Course Requirements

    1. Rotate leadership of Daily warmup and technique practice.
    2. Participation in full length mime rehearsals and production.
    3. Participation in street mime performances.
    4. Movement appropriate clothing: leotard and tights (or leggings), sweat pants and T-Shirt, modest shorts and T-Shirt, or Karate Pants.
    5. Movement appropriate shoes: Jazz shoes, ballet shoes, thin soled tennis shoes, socks with rubber grip bottoms, or barefoot.
    6. A weekly Journal, chronicling creative and theatrical ideas.
    7. It is necessary for all students to turn work in on time and to correct notes given on initial performances.


    Course Objectives

    1.       Thestudents will build on the skills learned in Beginning Mime and Movement classand Mime Troupe II

    2.       Studentswill take on leadership roles as appropriate

    3.       Thestudents will build on the skills and techniques learned in acting classes,including physical characterization.

    4.       Thestudents will work effectively as a member of an ensemble

    5.       Thestudents will learn appropriate rehearsal skills

    6.       Thestudents will learn appropriate performance skills

    7.       Thestudents will participate in the development and performance of a jury piecefor showcase, a full-length mime (silent theatre) show and perform a majorcharacter role.

    8.       Thestudents will participate in public performances using appropriate professionalethics, make-up and costume.

    9.       Thestudents will build on the skills for mask making and character design.

    10.     The students will build on thenecessary performance skills and techniques for Mask performance.



                    Classwork/homework                                                                                              40%        

                                    Rehearsal,participation, weekly journals                                                                                

                    Tests                                                                                                                       25%


                    Projects/Products                                                                                                    20%

                                    Developmentof characters for performances

                    6weeks test                                                                                                            15%



    Course Syllabus/Schedule

    Weeks1- 6:  review techniques, write, rehearseand perform mimes from prompts, practice ensemble skills, practice rehearsals

                    skills, practice performanceskills, produce weekly journals

    Weeks  7-12: write, rehearse and perform group mimesfrom prompts, practice rewriting skills, produce 3-D characters

    Weeks13-18: perform jury, rehearse full-length silent theatre production creating3-D characters, practice rehearsal and ensemble skills

    Weeks 19-24:rehearse and perform silent theatre production with characters, practiceensemble and performance skills

    Weeks  25-30: design, sculpt and create 3-Dcharacter mask using proper techniques.

    Weeks 31-36: complete mask and develop physicalcharacter from mask, write, rehearse and perform mask studies