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    Procurement Services acquires goods and services, manages the procurement process, provides procurement guidance, and supports the District’s mission to be a premier urban school district, educating all students for success to be career and college ready. Procurement Services strives to control costs while ensuring the uninterrupted flow of products and services necessary to effectively and efficiently operate the district. Our goal is to acquire the necessary resources through prudent competitive purchasing practices and excellent customer service. The Procurement Services office is responsible for the following functions:

    • Procurement Management
    • Procurement Contracts and Requirements
    • Procurement Training and Workshops
    • i-Procurement and e-Commerce
    • Supplier Relations, Contact, and Communication
    • Supplier Approvals

    Suppliers desiring to do business with Dallas ISD are encouraged to register for business opportunities via iSupplier by submitting required documentation to become potential (i.e., "Approved") suppliers.  After submission of required documentation, suppliers will be added as potential suppliers within the categories selected by the supplier.

    As a potential supplier, suppliers are eligible to receive solicitation documents/notifications for the categories selected; however, they are not permitted to sell to the district until they are awarded a contract/agreement with the district via competitive procurements, thereby making them awarded suppliers.

    All RFP, RFQ, and RFB submissions MUST be accompanied by completed, required documents, including M/WBE documents, which are included with each posting.

    DISCLAIMER: The official opening date/time is shown in the Bid/RFP document. Information on this webpage does not constitute a binding date/time but is for convenience only. In case of discrepancy, the date/time in the Bid/RFP document will prevail.

    The Dallas ISD Procurement Services department is located at 9400 North Central Expressway, Suite 1510, Dallas TX 75231.  Please be sure to submit all bids and proposals to Suite 1510 or electronically by clicking the link below.

  • Electronic Bidding

    Click one-bidding .  Download the instructions here.  For questions, contact

    NOTE: The District is now accepting electronic bid submissions. All RFP, RFQ, and RFB submissions must be accompanied by completed, required documents with the electronic submission. Only registered suppliers are eligible to submit electronic responses. Refer to the iSupplier page for information on how to register. For those that choose to respond to the solicitation via a hard copy (paper bid), please be advised that the delivery of the proposal is outlined in the solicitation document.


    Click Here for Electronic Bidding



     **NOTE: the Sourcing # will be used to search for/identify the solicitation in the iSupplier portal.**

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