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    The Office of Family and Community Engagement offers different training opportunities for staff at Dallas ISD schools, as well as for parents and community members.



    District employees must register by selecting the training sessions listed on the right, or via the Training Calendar link. District employees will need to sign in using their district EAD username and password. Please use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox when registering. Some versions of Internet Explorer are not compatible with the Web site.


    Parents and community members must register for a class by emailing familytraining@dallasisd.org. Please type the name, date and time of the training you would like to attend in the subject of the email. List your name and contact information in the body of the email. You may also call (972) 925-3916 to register.


    Please pre-register no later than 5 p.m. on the day before the scheduled workshop so that we can accommodate all participants with comfortable seating, training certificates, handouts and refreshments (if provided).
    • Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis, so please register early.
    • Walk-ins are allowed to some but not all workshops, and... if you have not registered, we cannot guarantee you handouts, notify you if a workshop has changed location or if it has been cancelled due to low enrollment, or notify you that the workshop has been closed due to full enrollment.

Upcoming Training Sessions

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Training Calendar

  • Training Calendar
    Athletic Event / Evento Atlético
    Board of Trustees / Junta escolar
    Districtwide Holiday / Día Fesitivo del Distrito
    Early Release Day / Día de Salida Temprana
    Featured Event / Evento Principal
    Inclement Weather Day / Día de Clima Invernal
    Observance / Dia Feriado en Observación
    Parent Activity / Actividad de Padres
    Parent Conferences/Conferencias para padres
    Public Meeting / Junta Pública
    Report Cards Issued / Se envían Boletas de Calif.
    School/Community Activity / Actividad Escolar/Com.
    Six Weeks Begins/Ends / Comienza/Termina Seis Sem.
    Staff Development/Student Holiday / Feriado Estud.
    Student Activity / Actividad Estudiantil
    Student/Teacher Holiday / Feriado Estud./Personal
    Teacher Preparation/Student Holiday
    Testing / Exámenes
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    Course Offerings

    SBDM and Parent Portal training at your school

    If you are unable to attend any of our scheduled sessions, we will gladly provide training at your campus or for your feeder pattern. Please call (972) 925-3916 or email us at familytraining@dallasisd.org to schedule a training session.

    Online Training Information for Returning Coordinators

    If you are a returning coordinator who has already completed an in-person training, you are eligible for online refresher training for the following programs: Parent Portal, SchoolMessenger and Uniform Assistance. Eligible coordinators will receive an email with the online training link and instructions from their corresponding presenter once the training becomes available. 

    The facilitator will review the 2017-2018 Parent Portal coordinator manual and share best practices for parent registration. Participants will learn where to locate resources on district pages, how to increase their registration percentage, and ways to track usage. New coordinators must attend one of the scheduled in-person training sessions. Returning coordinators may attend an in-person session or participate in update training that will be available electronically. Failure to attend mandatory training for new coordinators will result in temporary suspension of login access to Parent Portal until training is completed.


    One of our goals is to build capacity so that every campus has the tools and resources to host parent workshops at their schools. In this session, participants will learn how to establish a PREP U Parent Workshop Series on their campuses. The presenter will explain the steps needed to ensure successful events, including, but not limited to: how to choose topics, securing speakers and communication efforts. All attendees will receive a PREP University Campus Series toolkit with resources and templates including access to a speaker’s bureau.


    Participants will learn how to plan, build and maintain a parent resource center at their campus. Attendees will brainstorm needs for their school and develop strategies in order to market their parent resource center.


    This workshop will provide all stakeholders with information on recruiting for and building a strong Site-Based Decision-Making committee. By being involved in this committee, participants will be able to plan, implement, monitor and evaluate educational programs that best meet the academic needs of students at their campus. Stakeholder representation includes parents, community and business members, students (as appropriate), and school and professional support staff. This training is mandatory every year for campus administrators and SBDM officers. Campus administrators may request a campus or feeder pattern training session by contacting our office.


    This workshop will demonstrate tactics and strategies in order to plan and host events at your campus such as a back-to-school fair, open house, parent-teacher conferences, academic workshops, etc. Participants will develop a marketing plan, and will learn how to take advantage of the resources at their campus to maximize attendance.


    This hands-on workshop will allow participants to work with a pre-made template, practice manipulating newsletter layouts, as well as learn the most effective ways to arrange and write newsletters. Participants will have the opportunity to create their own custom newsletter.


    Participants will discuss the basics of customer service when interacting with parents and other visitors to the school. Discussion on phone etiquette as well as face-to-face communication will be included. Best practices and strategies for creating family-friendly schools will also be discussed. 


    Participants will learn ways to recruit and retain parents for parent organizations such as PTO, PTSO, PTA, PTSA, etc. Parents, community liaisons, parent instructors, teachers, students, and school staff will also learn how they can be instrumental in assisting the organization/association at their campus to be more effective.

    telling your story

    Explore the various ways to bring positive recognition and help shape the public’s perception of your campus with this workshop. Participants will learn about specific tools that will enable them to provide stakeholders with relevant, timely content. They will also identify key programs, and showcase campus and feeder pattern offerings to retain and attract families.   


    SchoolMessenger: Beginners

    The facilitator will review frequently asked questions, updates and will lead participants through the necessary steps needed to complete SchoolMessenger tasks. Participants will learn the basic features of SchoolMessenger through hands-on activities. New coordinators must attend one of the scheduled in-person training sessions. Returning coordinators may attend the in-person sessions or participate in refresher training that will be available electronically. Failure to attend mandatory training for new users will result in temporary suspension of login access to SchoolMessenger until training is completed.
    *For 2016-2017, due to new procedures and forms that are required to comply with TCPA, all returning users are required to attend either an in-person training session or complete the online refresher course by Oct. 28, 2016. New users will receive notification about required training. 

    SchoolMessenger: Advanced

    Facilitator will review advanced system features located under the Broadcasts and Reports tabs in SchoolMessenger. Participants will learn about advanced lists, messages and broadcast templates through hands-on activities.

    SchoolMessenger: Online Refresher Training (for returning coordinators only)

    Online course will review the features and any updates for SchoolMessenger, and lead participants through the necessary steps to complete SchoolMessenger tasks. Audience: Returning SchoolMessenger coordinators.


    Contact cepena@dallasisd.org for url and instructions.

    Coordinators will learn the steps necessary to assist parents in completing the uniform application and how to submit uniform orders online. They will also learn the policies and procedures as outlined by the 2017-2018 Uniform Assistance Program, including qualifications and forms needed to complete the process. This training is mandatory for all new Uniform Assistance Program Coordinators. Returning coordinators may attend an in-person session or participate in refresher training that will be available electronically. Failure to attend mandatory training for new coordinators will result in temporary suspension of access until training is completed. New users will receive notification about required training.


    Did you know the district has a formal process to address parent complaints? Participants in this class will learn the required steps in the district’s formal complaint resolution process according to policy. The presenter will explain the process so campus staff is equipped to answer questions from parents, as well as to address parent concerns and complaints per policy in a timely manner. Official forms and promotional materials outlining the process will be provided.