Cyber Bullying

    Bullying is nothing new. What is new is that cyberspace creates a 24 hrs-a-day, 7 days-a-week opportunity to harrass! Instant messaging, Web Journals, cell phones and e-mail allow the bully to victimize anonymously. Many parents are oblivious to their children's online world and the pain they may be suffering.

    What is cyber bullying?
    • threatening emails
    • nasty instant messaging sessions
    • repeated text messages to a cell phone
    • websites that mock others
    • texting or emailing using another's identity
    What can parents do?
    • Keep computers in a common room
    • Understand and monitor your child's internet use
    • Discuss "netiquette" and online safety with your child
    • Is your child upset after going online? Ask questions!
    • Investigate parental-controls software
    Reminders for student online users:
    • Never give out passwords or PINs to friends
    • Don't send messages when you are angry
    • Never say something in an e-mail that you wouldn't say to somebody's face
    • Don't believe everything you see or read
    • Online conversation are not private. Be careful!
    Strategies for targets of cyber bullying:
    • Do not open, forward, read, or respond to messages from cyber bullies
    • Save all messages as evidence
    • Tell a trusted adult about the problem
    • If you are threatened with harm, call the police