• Uniform Policy

    All BOMLA uniforms must be appropriate to the student’s body size, situation, and grade level involved.

    Inappropriate clothing and appearance are disruptive to the school program and the Administrators

    will enforce adherence to this policy. When it is determined that a student’s clothing does not

    comply with the dress code, a parent/guardian may be asked to bring an appropriate change of clothes

    to school.  In addition, the student may also receive a disciplinary consequence for violating the

    school’s dress code policy.  Violations of this policy shall be treated as disruptive behavior in violation of

    the Student Code of Conduct.

    The Principal has final authority to decide if clothing complies with the rules. No student will be denied

    attendance due to financial hardship or inability to purchase the BOMLA uniform.  The PTSA and the

    SBDM will be available for assistance options.  Parents are asked to notify the campus principal if assistance

    is needed.

    ID Badges:  Identification badges must be worn at all times.  It is to be clipped to the left side of

    the blazer.  A $5.00 fee will be assessed for replacement badges.

    BLAZER:  Navy blazer is to be worn at all times when students are in the hallways and common

    areas.  However, the blazer may be taken off when students are in class.

    SHIRTS:  Blue oxford shirt, long or short sleeve with collar to be worn under blazers. Shirts must be

    tucked in and appropriately sized.  During cold weather, a navy sweater may be worn over the collared

    blue oxford shirt under the blazer.  All tee shirts worn underneath the uniform shirt should be white.

    *Polo shirts may only be worn on days designated by the principal.

    TIE:  Middle school students wear a gray tie (6th– 8th);   Upper school students wear a navy tie (9th–12th)

    PANTS:  All attendees will wear gray dress slacks.

    SOCKS AND SHOES:  Black socks. Black non-lace or lace up dress shoes. 

    No athletic wear or white socks are to be worn with the uniform.

    BELT:  Black belt. No oversized or inappropriate buckles