Digital Classroom (DCR) Equipment


    for 2008 Bond systems


    5.     I have been told in the past that our school is too old to permanently install instructional equipment. What alternatives are there?


    6.      Is there training available for the DCR System?


    9.        Can I view files from the internet?


    12.   I am pretty tech savvy, are there trouble shooting tips available?


    14.     Can my school purchase additional systems?


    16.    I have a Mobile Solution, how do I move it to another location?



          1.     What type of equipment comes with the DCR System?


             Dell s500wi Interactive Short Throw Projector

             Mimio Document Camera

             Lenovo Laptop

             Light Speed Audio System w/microphone

             Bretford Audio/Visual Cart

             Additional data lines (only if needed for the DCR System)

             Whiteboard or Chalk Board Resurfacing (only if needed)

            *Mobile Solution 1 (all in one installed on a mobile whiteboard)

            *Mobile Solution 2 (all in one installed on an A/V cart)


             *Note: In some cases it is not possible to install the standard system in a given room.  The alternative is a mobile solution that will be determined at the time of assessment.




           2.     When will my school receive the DCR installation?


           For the installation schedule (subject to unexpected changes) click here.



             3.     What is the process to get started with the installation?


    The principle for your school will receive a letter of request to assess your classrooms. Each principle is asked to select the classrooms allotted by indicating the selection on a school floor plan. Then a member of the technology bond team, and a contractor representative, will set a date and time to visit your site to assess the chosen rooms. At that time it will be determined where, how and which system type can best serve in the classroom space. Once the assessment is complete a price quote and a purchase ordered must be obtained.





              4.     Can I expect delays with the installation process?


    With any project there is always the possibility of delays. If an unforeseen circumstance causes a delay in installation, you will receive a notice outlining the delay and a link to view an update on the schedule changes.  Click here to view schedule.


              5.     I have been told in the past that our school is too old to permanently install instructional equipment.  What alternatives are there?


    In some cases we have determined that permanent installation in some spaces cannot be done. We have two alternatives to the DCR System, click here to view the mobile systems, scroll down the page to Mobile Solution 2 and its description.


               6.     Is there training available for the DCR System?


    Yes!   Each school will receive training on how the system operates.  To access the "Digital Classroom Solution Training Guide" click here.   This is basic training and does not detail the use of component software. For more comprehensive training for curriculum development using the DCR System, please click here.

                      7.     Who should be trained on the DCR System?


             All users; teachers, administrative staff, counselors, etc.

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                8.     Can I download files to the DCR Laptop?


    No!  We do not encourage downloading files directly to the laptop. From time to time viruses can slip past our system and damage the operation of the laptop. We encourage you to load your files on a separate storage device i.e., Thumb/Flash Drive, DVD, CD.


                 9.     Can I view files from the internet?


        Yes!   Most files from the internet can be viewed unless access is restricted by DISD.


                10.  How do I report a service problem?


    The initial service call should always begin with the Technical Assistance Center (TAC).   As of September 5, 2012 an icon appeared on your desk top that reads IT Help. This is a link to the new service ticket system called Remedy Force.  Click on the IT Help icon on your desktop to fill out a service request.  A service ticket will be created and routed to the proper department.  Please make sure you add your name and a good contact number to reach you.


                      11.    Can I expect the same contractor who installed the DCR System to service and/or replace other  A/V equipment in my school?

    The DCR installers can be called upon for non-related DCR service. However, the expense for this type of service call is the schools responsibility. DISD does have other vendors who can provide the same type of  service. Please call the Purchasing Department at (972) 925-4100 to inquire.


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                12.  I am pretty tech savvy, are there trouble shooting tips available?


            Yes!   Please go to “Technical Help &Troubleshooting” for a guide, or click here to access the information.

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                13.  What happens if I drop, damage, or lose parts to the DCR System?


    The DCR system and all components are under warranty for at least 3 years except for the laptops. Laptops have a 1 year warranty. With normal use, components that stop working will be covered under the warranty. Should the equipment fail due to negligence or any part of the system is lost or stolen, it will be the responsibility of the school to repair or replace an item.


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                14.  Can my school purchase additional systems?


    Yes! We have available a Price List click here of all DCR components should your school be interested in adding additional systems to classrooms. The school will be responsible for the expense for each additional system. All other services surrounding the DCR System remain the same.


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                15.  Is software pre-loaded onto the laptop?


    All authorized DISD software and links from our website applications are pre-installed on the laptop for the digital classroom cart. We ask that no other software be installed on these laptops unless it has been authorized by DISD IT Services.



                16.  I have a Mobile Solution, how do I move it to another location?


    All digital classroom solutions are assigned to specific rooms and specific data ports. This allows us to track the data needed for special reports through our network. Should you find the need to move this unit to a different room permanently, you are advised to contact Jacquelyn Cumby at (972) 925-5665, or e-mail jcumby@dallasisd.org, Information and Technology Services to report the relocation of the DCR unit.  Moving this unit without notifying the ITS Department affects our inventory data, usage reports, etc.