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    Pre-AP World Geography

    World Geography is more than learning the location of places; it addresses all aspects of cultural and physical geography.  Throughout the year we will examine every region of the world, and learn about land, people, customs, belief systems, government, economics, modern history, and current events that make that region of the world unique.


    US History

    This class is designed to teach student the thinking skills that relate directly to the process of learning and analyzing history. The course is also designed to introduce each student to the major themes in American History with a special emphasis placed on the Twentieth Century.               

    AP US Historyben franklin

    AP United States History is a challenging course that is meant to be equivalent of a freshman college course which can earn the student college credit. It is designed to help the student acquire the analytical skills and factual knowledge needed to deal critically with a wide variety of historical problem. Students will have the opportunity to take the Advanced Placement examination in the spring.      

    AP World History

    The AP World History course will focus on the interaction among different types of human societies in the last thousand years. The course offers balanced global coverage with Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Europe. Upon successful completion of the course, the student may take the Advanced Placement examination at the conclusion of the course.

    Pre-AP World History

    The Pre-AP World History course will focus on an overview of the entire history of mankind from the earliest civilization to the present. The major emphasis of the course is the study of significant people events, and issues from the distant past and present.

    US Government
    The U.S. Government course will include basic structure of our federal government system, a citizen’s role within a democratic political process, and the study of our federal and state constitutions. To be successful in this course, please come to class prepared, complete all assignments and required reading.  Your success is a team effort. Be prepared, complete all work, participate in class discussion and ask for help if needed. We want you to be successful.
    AP US Government 
    The U.S. Government and Politics course is one-semester college level course providing students with learning experience equivalent to that obtained  in most college introductory American Government courses. The course is designed to give students a critical perspective on politics and government.  Students are exposed to an in-death approach to the organizational components of the institutions of government as well as the application of how government works in relation to achieving public policy goals. Reading daily newspapers, such as New York Times or the Wall Street Journal including editorials, a weekly news magazine such as Time or Newsweek and watching televised political discussions are as important as any text book supplemental reading on U.S. Government and Politics. At the conclusion of the course, students will have the opportunity to take the advanced Placement Exam for possible college credit.
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