• About Truancy

    A student displays truant behavior with a single period unexcused absence from school, but a student needs to surpass a certain number of unexcused days or parts of a day to be considered truant. Truancy is a defined number of unexcused absences from school.

    The law states that if a student is absent without excuse for three or more days or parts of a day in a four-week period, Dallas ISD issues a Warning Notice to the parent/guardian advising parents to monitor their child’s attendance. The notice advises parents to conference with the school and advises them a non-attendance charge may result from additional unexcused absences.

    The fact that the parent did not receive the notice described above is not a defense to prosecution for the parent’s failure to require a child to attend school, nor for the student’s failure to attend school. Make sure your address is updated in the district’s records.

    Typically, Dallas ISD imposes a series of progressive consequences on students before court intervention is sought.

    To avoid court intervention parents are encouraged to:
    1. Monitor their child’s attendance, grades and assignments using Parent Portal 
    2. Ensure the school has a good contact number so parents receive the automated attendance calls. The school notifies you when your child is not present at 9.00 am each day and when the student is marked absent for one or more periods each evening. 
    3. Develop a relationship with your child’s teachers and initiate contact when you have questions or concerns. 
    4. Attend all parent conferences.
    5. If you receive an official warning notice, take steps to avoid future unexcused absences by meeting with campus staff to understand how the absences occurred. 
    6. If you receive a Final Warning Notice, follow the instructions carefully and complete the required intervention quickly. Interventions include community service, parent and student education classes, tutoring, Saturday school, sign-in sheets, counseling, etc. 
    7. Even if you receive a Notice of Non-compliance, quick action may still prevent a truancy charge from being filed. 
    Please do not ignore these notices and remember no warning will be received if the school does not have your correct address.