• Helpful Resources

    Being a parent in modern times comes with great responsibilities and can often seem an overwhelming task. DISD understands these challenges and wishes to be an active agent of support for parents through its own resource programs and various affiliated social support networks. We want to make sure that adult issues are not the cause for your child to be absent from school. Below is a list of district’s and community based services that can assist.  

    District Resources


    Most schools throughout the district offer before and after school tutoring for students who are struggling in their academics. Students can find the help they need to catch up and feel more confident going to class.


    The school counselor is available to assist students and their families with a wide range of academic and personal concerns, including areas such as academic, career, and college planning; academic success; social, family, or emotional issues; or substance abuse. The can also work as liaisons to direct parents to other resources that the community may have available for them.

    Youth and Family Centers were created through a partnership to promote and ensure physical and mental health care, as well as other services to children and their families. This partnership utilizes an integrated approach to help students achieve optimal health and maximize school performance.

    Nontraditional Academic Programs

    Adult Basic Education

    The Adult Basic Education Department delivers comprehensive adult education instruction in a learner-centered, supportive, and collaborative environment. Through our free GED (General Educational Development) preparation, ESL (English as a Second Language), Distance Learning, and El Civics classes, adults in Dallas and Rockwall counties are instructed in literacy, numeracy, language acquisition, community and civic awareness, and workforce and college readiness. Program participants must be 18 years of age or older. Students, who are 17, can enroll if officially withdrawn from high school and with written parental approval. Only in the case of a court mandate may 16 year olds enroll. For more information, contact the Adult Basic Education office at (972) 749-2419 or visit their website.

    J.L. Patton, Jr. Academic Center
    This high school campus is for overage students. For information regarding program offerings, contact your high school counselor.

    Maya Angelou High School
    This educational program meets the needs of pregnant students by offering the district curriculum in grades 6-12 with a focus on health, child development, and parenting skills. In addition to regular academic classes, programs and services emphasizing prenatal health, parenting, and childcare are provided for pregnant students who choose to attend this alternative school.


    Community Resources

    Catholic Charities

    Catholic Charities is a non-profit organization that serves, advocates for, and empowers people in need regardless of race, religion, age, gender or national origin and calls the community to action. Their help and services range from Immigration and legal assistance, refugee programs; pregnancy, parenting and adoption programs; affordable housing, help for single mothers, psychological services and many more. For urgent needs you may call for assistance at 214-520-6590.

    Visit Catholic charities of Dallas website for more information

    Parkland Hospital
    In 1994, Parkland teamed up with the Dallas Independent School District to create health care facilities on various school campuses for students and children of students. The school-based clinics are a way for children, who may not have a primary care doctor, to receive health and mental care. Working closely with the school nurse, children are able to receive medical attention and antibiotics from the clinics to keep them well and in school.

    Learn more about Parkland hospital/ Youth and Family Centers