• Dallas ISD Regulations
    Dunbar Campus Rules for Safety & An Effective Learning Environment
    The Dallas Independent School District is bound by law and local policy to set certain standards for all staff, volunteers, and parents to follow, so that school children (and their families) will be protected while they are attending school.  In addition, principals must minimize disruptions to the learning environment.  Therefore, everyone is asked to follow these safeguards:
    So that only the authorized people shall be allowed on school grounds, everyone is required to stop by the Main Office and sign in when they arrive.  All persons interacting with students will complete an application with a background check and participate in an orientation.
    All parents or visitors MUST receive an ID badge from the office staff in order to go from one location of the building to another.
    Please follow all school rules and observe the dress code.  Adults are role models for students, so please stay within campus guidelines. NO SAGGING clothing allowed on the campus.
    Thank you for helping us maintain a positive and safe school where scholars learn and achieve.