O W Holmes believes that an organized, structured environment provides students the motivation to explore and learn. It is especially important for middle school students to maintain and organize learning materials. To assist with that aim, below is a short list of basic student supplies. Individual teachers will probably add to this list with specific requirements, but the general list below should help you get started:



    ·          Glue Sticks

    ·          Graph paper

    ·          2 pkg. Filler paper

    ·          Kleenex (two boxes)

    ·          3” Binder

    ·          Pencil pouch with holes for placement in their binder

    ·          Pencils

    ·          1 can of tennis balls (?)

    ·          24 count box of colored pencils

    ·          2 Expo Dry Erase markers

    ·          2 Bottles of Hand Sanitizer

    ·          Girls: 1 package of white copy paper

    ·          Boys: 1 package of multicolored construction paper

    ·          1 large container of disinfectant wipe Earbuds/Headphones

    ·          Pencil Sharpener

    ·          Earbuds/Headphones

    ·          Travel/Flash Drive


    Again, these are just the basic, general supplies. Teachers will supplement this list with additional or more specific requirements. We are looking forward to an exemplary year! Thank you for being a part of our program