O W Holmes believes that an organized, structured environment provides students the motivation to explore and learn. It is especially important for middle school students to maintain and organize learning materials. To assist with that aim, below is a short list of basic student supplies. Individual teachers will probably add to this list with specific requirements, but the general list below should help you get started:


    ·        Binders, 3ring: 4, with set of dividers for each binder

    ·        Pocket folders with 3 brads for notebook paper- 4

    ·        Filler paper--2 package

    ·        Graph paper-1 package

    ·        Glue sticks-2 large

    ·        Pencils- 12pack

    ·        Pens (black ink)- 12 pack

    ·        Ruler- 12”,both customary and metric units


    8th grade Pod school supply list (Perow, Perry, Osborne, and Hutch)


    3 composition books (Science, Social Studies, and Reading)

    Pencils/pens (Science, Social Studies, Reading, and Math)

    Paper (Science, Social studies, Reading, and Math)

    3 ring folder with pockets (Reading and Math)

    Scissors (Science and Reading)

    Glue sticks (Science and Reading)

    Index cards (Social studies)

    Highlighters (Reading)

    ·        Kleenex- 2boxes, unscented

    ·        Hand sanitizer and/or antibacterial soap- 1 container

    ·       Scientific calculator, preferably TI brand; “30’s” series, e.g., 32, 34, etc. (Graphing calculator is not necessary)


    •         Earbuds/Headphones
    •         Travel/Flash Drive


     Again, these are just the basic, general supplies. Teachers will supplement this list with additional or more specific requirements. We are looking forward to an exemplary year! Thank you for being a part of our program.