• Booker T. Washington HSPVA - Theatre Department

    Technology for the Theater


    Course Description

    Technology for the Theater is a course designed to teach sound editing software, computer aided drafting and publishing software for theatrical programs and posters.

    Course Requirements

    Prerequisite: Intro to Tech

    A folder or binder to keep your work tidy and neat

    Flash drive or other portable storage device

    Course Objectives

    1. Students will learn the basics of publishing software

    2. Students will learn the basics of sound editing software

    3. Students will learn the basics of computer aided drafting software


    Classwork/homework 40%

    Students will graded daily on their progress

    Tests 25%

    Students will be graded on each completed assignment

    Projects/Products 20%

    At the end of each six week, students will get a grade on their completion of projects for the theatre department.

    6 weeks test 15%

    Each student with the aid of the teacher will determine one project that will serve as the main project for the six weeks. This might be a project that covers more than one six weeks.

    Course Schedule/Syllabus

    This class is designed to teach students a variety of computer software programs that are used in the theater.

    We will study AutoCAD and/or Vectorworks.

    How to create programs and posters using a variety of programs including Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop.

    Sound Editing using Pro-Tools and Audacity.

    Students are expected to be in class and on task. If you are working on assignments for other classes or "surfing the web" during class time than your daily grade will be affected and/or your web access might be restricted. Students are expected to adhere to the Dallas Independent School District Policy concerning web access and internet usage.


    Weeks 1-5 Publishing Software

    Weeks 6-8 AutoCAD / Vectorworks

    Weeks 9-11 Sound Editing

    Weeks 12-14 Multimedia Presentation

    Weeks 15-16 Student Final project