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Thomas C. Marsh Preparatory Academy

History of Thomas C. Marsh Preparatory Academy


Thomas C. Marsh Preparatory Academy is a public middle school in Dallas,Texas serving 6th through 8th grades. It is part of the Dallas Independent School District.The campus is located at 3838 Crown Shore Drive. The school was named for Thomas Corbin Marsh, a successful local farmer and livestock owner who originally held title to the land on which the school was built.

The Dallas school board approved the building of a junior high school in 1960 and subsequently opened its doors for classes in September1961.  Built at a cost of $1,600,000 for a student capacity of 1,000, it was the district’s largest junior high school. 

Today Marsh Preparatory Academy boasts a great faculty, a campus of 1,200 students, and award-winning programs including a 1st Place Debate Team, 1stPlace Theater Team, 1st Place Orchestra, 1st Place Band,1st Place Choir, and 1st Place Leadership Cadet Corp.  The Marsh Athletics Program also has an award winning track program as well as District or Bi-District Championships in Baseball, Softball, Basketball, Football, and Soccer.


For the staff and students of Thomas C. Marsh Preparatory Academy, “Embracing Excellence” is more than a motto—it is a way of life!