• Congrats to our Marsh LCC cadets
    On Saturday, October 3rd, the TC Marsh Leadership Cadet Corps competed in the 2017 Cadet Physical Fitness Challenge at Lang Middle School. Cadets were required to execute their maximum amount of sit-ups and push-ups for one minute each. Cadets also had a 1/2-mile run to complete.  All scores were added up and here are the results:

     Girls' Team

    Sit-ups                1st place

    Push-ups           2nd place    

    1/2-mile run    1st place 

    Boys' Team

    Sit-ups                1st place

    1/2-mile run     1st place

    We want to recognize the following cadets for their hard work and incredible effort: For the girls' team 8th grader Brianna Gonzalez, 8th grader Aleyda Amaya, and 7th grader Devani Martinez. For the boys' team 8th grader Alan Zains, 7th grader J'Henry Leonard, and 8th grader Jose Elizondo. 

    CONGRATULATIONS, and way to go, Marsh!