Safety Coordinator Program

  • Risk Management Services is responsible for the identification, evaluation, treatment, and monitoring of the District’s operational risks. One of its flagship programs is the Safety Coordinator Program. School Principal or Department Head appoint two staff members at their campus/department to serve the role of Safety Coordinators and to oversee the district safety program at their sites. This is in addition to their job assignments and responsibilities. 

    Some of the activities they conduct are monthly fire drills, assisting with implementing the Campus Emergency Operations Plan, conducting simple site safety inspections, distributing safety materials, and coordinating safety meetings and trainings.

    Risk Management Services provides safety coordinators with continuous support, training, site visits, and communication channels for them to perform their safety role successfully. District Safety Coordinators are essential for the success of the District Safety Program.

    To encourage even a greater employee involvement at District sites, Risk Management Services implemented a Safety Incentive Program for those sites that demonstrate a remarkable performance in promoting safety in their day-to-day routine. Annually, safety awards and/or incentives are given to the top schools and departments in recognition of their outstanding commitment to safety and active role in the program.