• The Bilingual Education program is a full time program of instruction in which both the students’ home language and English shall be used for instruction. The amount of instruction in each language within the bilingual program shall commensurate with the students’ level of proficiency in each language (both languages) and their level of academic achievement. The Bilingual education program uses Spanish and English as languages of instruction. The Bilingual program addresses the affective, linguistic and cognitive needs of English language learners. 

    The Bilingual Education Model used at Henry B. Gonzalez Elementary is the Gomez and Gomez One-Way Dual Language Model. Teacher in the Pre-K-5 grades are expected to provide instruction based on the guidelines of the dual language program. (Link to Dr. Leo Gomez and Dr. Richard Gomez and Associates http://dlti.us/3.html)

    Projected Goals

    Students enrolled in Bilingual classes will increase their English language proficiency by at least one level each year as measured by the Woodcock-Muñoz Language Survey and RPTE. Teachers will work to prepare students to achieve on-grade level performance on the appropriate norm referenced and criterion referenced exams.