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    Legal, governance, criminal justice, national security, public safety, protective services,
    homeland security, and foreign service.
     Dual Credit

    What is Dual Credit?

    A college course which counts for college credit and also fulfills high school requirements.
    Law Magnet Information
    Kenric Narcisse
    Campus Law Magnet Lead Teacher
    Email address:  knarcisse@dallasisd.org
    School Phone:  (972) 502-2700
    Keisha Crowder-Davis
    Director, School Design
    Phone: (972) 925-6710

    Legal Community Involvement with Law Magnet Program
    Students and Law Magnet teachers from LG Pinkston High School participated in the Dallas Bar Association Educational Symposium at the Bello Mansion in Dallas, Texas.
    Mr. Jeffery Lewis, Managing Attorney at AT&T addresses students in the Law Magnet Program during class in the Courtroom at L.G. Pinkston High School.
    Students are participating in the Dallas Bar Association E-Mentoring program Meet and Greet at L.G. Pinkston High School. The students(Mentees) are meeting their  Mentor Attorneys for the first time inside the L.G. Pinkston courtroom.
    Students in the L.G. Pinkston Law Practicum class are meeting at Haynes and Boone in Dallas, Texas during class time. L.G. Pinkston has a partnership with Haynes Boone, Jones Day, and the Dallas County Public Defender’s Office. Students meet twice a week at the partners offices and have class.

    Dallas County Assistant District Attorney Ty Stimpson addresses students during class time about the role of the District Attorney Office.  Mr. Stimpson also spoke to students about the requirements of becoming an Attorney.