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    About the Dallas ISD Communications System

    The Dallas ISD phone system runs on Skype for Business, providing easy to use features that merge several communications capabilities (such as voice, IM, video, and online meetings) into a single application. With this system, you are not tied to your phone in one location, you can communicate and collaborate with colleagues no matter where you or they are. Phone numbers are available to all faculty and staff, whether or not they have a physical phone.


    Communications System Quick Facts

    Skype for Business System Getting Started Guide


    For information on the new fax service go to XMedius Fax System

    Phone Numbers

    • To have a phone number assigned to a staff member, please contact the IT Help Desk. Also, see above for more information on training.
    • Teacher phone numbers move with the teacher. If a teacher who has an assigned District phone number changes schools, there is no need to request a new number for that teacher.


    • You must dial the last 7 digits for any Dallas ISD numbers (no more extension dialing). Better yet, just look up the person in Skype for Business and click the phone icon to call!
    • For all non-District numbers (such as calling a parent), you must dial the full 10-digit number.
    • Do not dial 9 for outside calls.
    • Do not dial 1 for long distance. (Also, Authorization Codes for long distance still apply).
    • If you use the phone icon drop down in Skype for Business to select a number to call a contact, the next time you click the phone icon to call that contact the system will use the last number you selected from the drop down.

    PIN Numbers

    There are two PINs associated with your phone #: If you have been assigned a direct phone number, you have a Phone & Conferencing PIN, and you have a Voice Mail PIN. They are not the same. You can reset your phone PIN from the Phone tab in Skype for Business. You can reset your Voice Mail PIN by going to the Voice Mail options on the Phone tab in Skype for Business (when you reset your Voice Mail PIN, you will immediately get an email from Microsoft with your new PIN).

    Controlling your phone from your computer

    If your speakerphone does not automatically turn on when make or answer a call by using Skype for Business on your computer, your phone might not be properly connected to your computer. Contact the IT Service Desk to resolve this issue.


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  • Help Desk

    Phone (972) 925-5630

    Monday – Thursday
    7 a.m. – 6 p.m.

    7 a.m. – 5 p.m.