• Attention Class of 2022!  You can still pay your 8th Grade FEES - $40 is due for your 8th Grade Main Event, Graduation and Prom.  8th Grade Week is May 21 - 24th. 

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    Dear Parents and Guardians:
    May 14 - 17th, we will be administering the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness Test.
    8th Grade students must pass the test before being promoted to the next grade level. All results for STAAR Tests will be posted on your child's Academic Achievement Record.  The STAAR is a state-mandated assessment instrument.
    STAAR tests have a 4 hour time limit. It is necessary for students to be present and on time for these tests.  Please refrain from scheduling conflicting appointments.  If you have a previous appointment, please reschedule it so your child will not be distracted.  Distractions will hamper his/her ability to perform successfully.  Make sure your child is well rested and begins the day with a nutritious breakfast and a positive outlook.
    If you have any questions, please feel free to call your child's teacher or me.
    Thank you for your help in making this testing day a success.
    This preparation includes the following suggestions:
    • Get a good night sleep before any test.
    • Take your time on the test, read every passage, read every problem carefully, do not rush through any portion of the test, you have plenty of time.
    • Relax!  Do not stress, just do your best, you will do fine.
    • Bring a snack with you to the test such as a power bar or piece of fruit.
    • Bring a book, most students finish early.
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  • Board Resolution
    Trustees approve resolution designating all schools to be as welcoming and protective as possible

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  • Student Services
    Student Services exists to help students acquire experiences that will motivate them to make responsible decisions, seek positive opportunities for growth and learning, and envision a future that includes higher education and a fulfilling career.
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  • Resources for Homeless Students
    Community Resources for Homeless children, families and youths in the greater Dallas Area
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