• Grade 9: Introduction
    Students learn the basics of culinary arts for careers.
    Grade 10: Culinary Arts I
    Students learn safety, sanitation, basic skills, and terminology in commercial food service. Students learn to identify tools and grocery items and become familiar with weights and measures used in quantity cooking. Students also learn about different areas in the field and basic food preparations.
    Grade 11: Culinary Arts II
    Students learn advanced skills for production and presentation. They choose an area of interest and begin a study of self management. They also study foods from other cultures and participate in competition.
    Grade 12: Culinary Arts III
    Students learn management skills in a specialty: chef, baker, nutritionist, registered sanitarian, and other areas. Second semester students may participate in a paid internship through the Prostart Program where they can receive kitchen manager certification, college credit, scholarship money, and NRA Certification.