• World Language Cluster
    The World Languages cluster students should be interested in learning another language and culture. In a world that has become very small though modern transportation and technology, knowledge of other parts of the world is very important. We also live in an extremely diverse community and knowledge of other languages and cultures is a necessity of modern life. 

    Students will learn to communicate in the language they choose through the use of a variety of oral proficiency based materials. These skills will include acquiring new vocabulary  and grammar for everyday living, exposure to the spoken and written language and activities which will enable the student to become familiar with the culture and history of the target language.

    Native speakers of a language may test out of beginning levels and begin at the level appropriate for them.

    Upon completion of a four-year language  program, the student should be able to communicate at an intermediate level of proficiency.

    Students will find languages an asset in further studies at the college level. Some colleges will evaluate students’ level of proficiency in a language, allowing them to begin at an advanced level and receive college credit for courses skipped.

    Additional languages are added to the curriculum if the demand for them is great enough, including Hebrew, Chinese, and Russian. Let Skyline CDC know if you want to learn another language.




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