• soviet World Languages Coursework

    Students will find languages an asset in further studies at the college level. Some colleges will evaluate students’ level of proficiency in a language, allowing them to begin at an advanced level and receive college credit for courses skipped.
    Additional languages are added to the curriculum if the demand for them is great enough. 
    Let Skyline CDC know if you want to learn another language.


    French I france
    French II 
    French III PAP
    AP French IV
    Latin II
    Pre AP Latin III
    AP Latin IV
    Spanish I
    Spanish II
    Spanish III
    Spanish IV
    Spanish V
    Spanish VI
    Spanish for Heritage Speakers I
    Spanish for Heritage Speakers II
    Pre AP Spanish for Heritage Speakers III
    Chinese I
    Chinese II
    Chinese III
    Japanese I
    Japanese II
    Japanese III
    American Sign Language I
    American Sign Language II
    American Sign Language III