• Grade 9: Introduction to Transportation
    Students will spend their introductory year rotating through the components of the Transportation cluster. Students will learn the duties, responsibilities, training requirements, and opportunities in automotive technology, auto body repair, shop safety, tool identification, safety, basic brakes, basic electrical safety, and diesel mechanics.
    Grades 10 - 12: Auto Body (3 year program)
    The automotive collision lab simulates real work conditions. The student who is accepted into the program  will learn work ethics, business procedures, painting, metal work, welding, and estimating.
    Grades 10 - 12: Automotive Technology
    Students learn basic skills and proper work attitudes in automotive repair and service including engines, brakes, alignment and balancing of wheels, and engine performance, electric circuits. Students learn safe use of tools, engine testing equipment, hydraulic press, mobile floor crane, and automobile lift. These are used to repair brakes, front ends, injection systems, master cylinders, and engine performance and brake hydraulic systems.
    Grades 10 - 12: Diesel Mechanics
    Students will learn to apply basic concepts of diesel mechanics, develop and use good work habits, and learn safety procedures. They will learn the operation of and methods to repair electrical systems, drive trains, cooling, fuel systems, air,  and exhaust systems on diesel engines using the proper tools of the trade and welding.