• Fashion Design Coursework

    Introduction to Fashion Design (all 9th graders in Fashion Cluster)

    Introduction to Fashion Design is a course that introduces students to careers in the Fashion Industry. Units of Study include history of fashion, elements and principles of fashion design, fibers, weaves and finishes, and basic apparel skills and construction are addressed.  It is a prerequisite to Advanced Fashion Design.


    Grade 10: Fashion Design II (10th grade Design students only)

    Students learn to use the industrial power sewing machines to create garments

    Grade 11: Fashion Design III (11th grade Design students only, double-blocked course)

    Assist with the construction of a line for the Cluster produced fashion show.

    Students learn the basics of alterations.

    Students have the opportunity to enter American Sewing Guild competition.

    Students create a garment for a teacher of their choice.                                                                                                


    Practicum of Fashion Design (12th grade Design students only,  double-blocked course)

    Practicum in Fashion Design allows students who have had Fashion Design and Advanced Fashion Design the opportunity to further explore the Fashion Design industry and the variety of careers available.  Field experiences are 40% of this curriculum which include working under a supervised adult who is knowledgeable in this career (owner of a local boutique).  In addition the course will further prepare them for the rigorous expectations placed upon them if they so choose this to be their major in college.  Extensive studies in fabrics, fabric production, entrepreneurship opportunities, marketing and merchandising, as well as advanced sewing skills will be addressed throughout the year. 



    Grade 9: Fashion Marketing Entrepreneurship -

    Students develop a business and create a business plan. This is a Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) certified class




    Fashion Marketing Program

    (DECA program)

    Grade 10: Fashion Marketing/Advertising Sales & Promotion

    Students learn the concepts of retailing by gaining knowledge and experience with retail math, selling, textiles, principles/elements of design, and promotion while working as a sales associate in fashion retail store “The Raider Spot”.




    Grade 11: Marketing Dynamics

    Students produce a fashion show and learn visual merchandising techniques while gaining knowledge and experience in retail management.


    Grade 12: Practicum in Marketing Dynamics

    Students devise marketing plans, public relation projects, and research projects related to retail and the fashion industry.Fashion Marketing 11th and 12th grade students have the opportunity to earn 12-21 college credits toward a Visual Merchandising Assistant Certification through El Centro Community College’s marketing program.