• 9th Grade
    Students are introduced to careers in the Aerospace industry. The student will gain an understanding of basic aerodynamics , aircraft propulsion, maintenance technology, flight operations, air navigation, meterology, and space flight.
    AMT I & II - Grade 10 & 11
    Classroom presentations as well as hands- on  laboratory projects that include actual aircraft and aircraft engines are part of the program. Opportunities will be provided to investigate these careers more closely by other related Aerospace activities.
    AMT III Grade 12
    Students in the Aeronautics Cluster can receive up to 15 credits at local colleges after completing and passing the high school courses required for an approved Tech Prep Program. Passing the Private Pilot FAA written exam earns one college credit.  The instructional content of this course is based upon an occupational analysis of aerospace careers on a worldwide impact.  A study of current trends in the industry how a steady rise employment opportunities to continue through the next millennium.