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    “Learn to rule the world”


    Hands-On & Competition-Based Learning


    The social sciences focus on people and social behavior. Anthropology studies society in the distant past while history studies the not-so-distant past. Psychology looks at the individual while sociology looks at society as a whole. Economics examines how people share their resources and governance examines the people and processes deciding how those resources are shared. Advanced Social Science at Skyline High School takes a holistic approach to the social sciences as they are all applicable when entering a career in government and public administration. As a part of Career and Technical Education, instruction is aligned with the academic standards, technical knowledge, and skills necessary for students to further their education and succeed in current and emerging professions. The Government and Public Administration Career Cluster focuses on performing careers at the local, state, federal, and global levels working for government and non-government agencies and departments including pathways in planning, foreign service, and governance. Students in Advanced Social Science graduate with an endorsement in public service and are college-ready, civic-minded young adults prepared to enter the workforce directly out of high school or continue on to higher education.


    The Advanced Social Sciences Magnet is a high-academic, college-preparatory program with core classes taken at the Pre-AP and AP level. Students are introduced to career pathways in Psychology, Law, Political Science, Sociology, and Anthropology.


    The Magnet includes the premier Law program, preparing students for university and law school. It is home of the Skyline Varsity Mock Trial Team, earning many district and state championships. Law students receive direct, practical courtroom experience, and intern with judges, law firms and agencies.


    Psychology students explore Forensic, Clinical, Educational Psychology, and Neuropsychology, then tour Terrell State Hospital. Students serve senior internships at area hospitals, mental health clinic, Head Start, and local schools.


    The Political Science curriculum examines the political systems at the international, national, state and local levels. Students tour presidential museums and libraries, and attend renowned speaker events. Students intern with federal, state and local elected officials and agencies.


    The emphasis in Advanced Social Sciences is citizenship, leadership training, community service, and professional networking in the community with the goal of preparing students for university and careers.