• 9th Grade    we the people

    Student experiences emphasize problem solving, creativity, cooperative and independent learning. Research skills and geopolitical studies will also b a large part of the students’ studies. Major world cultures will be studied as they relate to globalization. Students will be introduced to five career pathways: Law, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, and Anthropology.


    10th Grade                                                      sociology

    Students complete a rigorous curriculum that will prepare each student to excel in the college setting. The curriculum focuses on human behavior, legal and constitutional principles, and global issues. Students develop critical thinking skills concerning culture through Law, Sociology and Psychology.


    11th and 12th Grades

    Students work exclusively with college-level resources and choose a more intense study in one of the Social Sciences, such as Law, Psychology, or Political Science. Seniors will pursue an internship with judges, law firms and agencies; area hospitals, mental health clinic, Head Start, and local schools; or federal, state and local elected officials.



     poli sci