Principles of Government and Public Administration introduces students to foundations of governmental functions and career opportunities within the United States and abroad. Students will examine governmental documents such as the U.S. Constitution, current U.S. Supreme Court and federal court decisions, and the Bill of Rights.  


    Political Science I introduces students to political theory through the study of governments; public policies; and political processes, systems, and behavior.


    (students choose between three courses to determine their internship)

    Dimensions of Diplomacy is designed to allow students to master the Thirteen Dimensions that candidates interested in careers with the United States Department of State must demonstrate during the selection process for internships, scholarships, fellowships and career opportunities. Students will develop global competencies, problem-solving, decision-making, professional communication and negotiating skills applicable to all clusters and professions but particularly relevant to international diplomacy and careers with multinational firms.


    Planning and Governance provides the opportunity for students to formulate plans and policies to meet social, economic, and physical needs of communities.


    Political Science II uses a variety of learning methods and approaches to examine the processes, systems, and political dynamics of the United States and other nations. The dynamic component of this course includes current U.S. and world events.



    Students in the Practicum in Local, State, and Federal Government will concurrently learn advanced concepts of political science and government workings in the classroom setting and in the workplace. In addition, students will apply technical skills pertaining to government and public administration in a direct mentorship by individuals in professional settings such as government, public management and administration, municipal planning, and foreign service.


    CERTIFICATIONS (available or will soon be available)

    Microsoft Office Specialist

    Certifies students’ knowledge, efficiency, and productivity in the professional use of Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access.


    OSHA 10 General Industry (through CareerSafe)

    Verifies students can recognize, avoid, abate, and prevent safety and health hazards in the workplace and is knowledgeable of workers' rights, employer responsibilities, and how to file a complaint.


    Global Leadership (through the Junior World Affairs Council)

    Confirms students’ knowledge of the global market with regards to business, government, and more while proving they possess the leadership and negotiation skills to adjust to a competitive and changing global community.


    Financial Literacy (through EverFi)

    Corroborates that students can make wise financial decisions to promote financial well-being over their lifetime. Courses will also include ways to finance higher education.



    Ecology Conservation & Management (through Ducks Unlimited) – coming soon Validates students' knowledge and skills in the areas of ecological principles and wildlife

    management, as well as habitat, forest, grasslands, wetlands and waterfowl conservation and management.


    Professional Communications (through Southwest Airlines) – coming soon

    Proves that students have the knowledge and skills to communicate effectively, think critically and work with others while increasing their interpersonal and customer service skills.



    To increase student’s ability at gaining acceptance into top universities, students in Advanced Social Science hone their skills in competitions that provide real-world experience as they are judged by industry leaders. Students have the opportunity to network and make important connections with mentors, and don’t forget about the multiple scholarships available at various levels of competition.


    Youth and Government

    Students to gain hands-on experience with political processes through participation in one of five areas. In the legislative section students prepare and present bills. If you are interested in mock trials, you will appreciate the judicial section. State affairs forum students propose solutions to current problems. As part of the media, students gain real-world experience in journalism as it relates to the government. Last, you can run for governor or the governor’s cabinet and set the state’s agenda.


    Model UN

    Students simulate the United Nations as member states and negotiate to solve pressing global problems with the art of compromise and diplomacy. This three-day, two-night conference creates a working replica of the United Nations. Delegates can participate in the General Assembly, Economic and Social Council, Security Council, Media Corps and more.


    Academic WorldQuest

    This is a fun, fast-paced competition that tests students’ knowledge of current international politics, geography, global economics, history, world cultures, and current events. Winners travel to Washington to compete in nationals and have an opportunity to travel abroad. On top of the excitement, students learn what it means to be part of a global community and the United States place within that community.


    National History Day

    Research the origins of a current issue in government and or politics and create a compelling argument to win over stakeholders. By yourself or as a team develop a website, documentary, exhibit, or performance that presents your research in the most effective manner. Two winners in each category go on to regional competition. Winners then head to the University of Texas at Austin for the state competition, and from there winners then move on to Washington DC for national competition.



    In addition to hands-on learning through competition, Advanced Social Science students venture into the community to see how the concepts they learn in class are applied in the real world. Parents can also accompany their students for a shared learning experience and continue the discussion at home.


    Holocaust & Human Rights Museum

    Students not only learn about genocide but also about the origins of the United Nations and its impact on the world.


    Bush Presidential Library

    Students explore the duties of the executive office as well as diplomacy and political strategies.


    Dallas FBI Field Office

    We will soon add a trip to the FBI field office in Dallas where students will gain a greater understanding of the government’s duty to protect its citizens.



    We plan to add this game to the curriculum for students to simulate planning, designing, and governing their own community which helps them to better understand the interdependent relationship between taxation, infrastructure, zoning, citizen’s happiness, and more.



    In addition to competition-based, hands-on learning, Advanced Social Science prepares students for the rigors expected at top universities around the country as well as for entry into the workforce directly from high school. Students will explore different career paths and the college admissions process.


    Life After High School

    Whether students want to attend a technical or trade school, a college or university, or directly enter the workforce, Advanced Social Science assists students in making the best decisions about providing for themselves and others after they graduate. Students explore careers in a variety of fields while focusing on those in the planning, foreign service, and governance pathway. They learn skills valuable in any career like professional manners and appearance, public speaking, social media, developing and managing projects, creating informal and formal presentations, and using a variety of technology applications. Outside of preparing for careers, they gain important life skills such as money management, cost-of-living analysis, interpersonal communications, and critical thinking. In addition to preparing for careers, students investigate trade schools, colleges, and universities, paying for their education, the admissions process, applying for scholarships and colleges, and more. Advanced Social Science provides students with the skills to make an informed decision about what they want their future to look like and how best to achieve their goals.


    Planning Pathway

    These professionals make decisions about how best to use land and water resources to provide for urban, suburban, and rural communities. These professionals must factor in a variety of issues such as traffic flow, residents’ happiness, revenue to determine how resources can best benefit society without causing harm to the environment. Employees must know about structural and physical design and how local government works particularly on the county and municipal level. Some of the skills required in this creative pathway are the ability to analyze


    demographics and predict trends in employment and population. Exciting careers in this pathway include business manager, agency director, federal aid coordinator, city planner, emergency planner, commissioner, and more. In Advanced Social Science, students have the opportunity to intern with county commissioners, judges, parks and recreation, and other local agencies.


    Foreign Service Pathway

    Professionals in this field possess strong leadership and interpersonal skills as well as an interest in international affairs. They must be able to think strategically and remain calm in stressful situations. They work with people from other cultures, so it is important to be able to communicate effectively and be respectful of and understand alternate ways of accomplishing goals and different political beliefs. An appreciation of alternative social and economic circumstances also benefits these professionals. Strong diplomacy and negotiating skills are a necessity as well as an understanding of how the global community works. These professionals work for international corporations, the U.S. Department of State and other governmental agencies, and non-governmental agencies such as the United Nations or the World Health Organization. Careers in foreign service include interpreter and translator, consular officer, trade specialist, ambassador, public diplomatic officer, economic and commercial affairs, and foreign service officer or specialists to name a few. Advanced Social Science students have the opportunity to intern with the World Affairs Council of Dallas and international specialists and experts as well as study abroad opportunities.


    Governance Pathway

    This pathway is for professionals working with or becoming elected and or appointed officials in government at the federal, state, and local level. Drive and determination help these professionals succeed as do the ability to effectively communicate. Leaders interested in politics, economics, global and social issues thrive in this career. As stewards of public resources, the government sets and carries out the policies managing these resources. Whether running for office, assisting with a campaign, or working in a government agency, savvy media and networking skills as well as the ability to motivate others propel these professionals onward and upward. Careers in the governance pathway include city council member, city manager, legislator, campaign strategist, political analyst, archivist, administrative assistant, senator, lobbyist, lawyer, judge, mayor, executive secretary, governor, magistrate and other exciting careers. Students in Advanced Social Science have the opportunity to intern with political parties, elected officials, attorneys, campaign strategists, and others in federal, state, and local government.



    An organization that teaches young women how government works, why it matters, and how to analyze the policy issues that impact their lives. Students meet with elected officials, advocate for change, and help women get elected to office. At Skyline, IGNITE also leads the menstrual equity campaign to keep bathrooms supplied with menstrual products and is collecting data to spearhead the program district wide.


    Junior World Affairs Council

    Become part of the global community through a variety of opportunities such as internships and international career day. Attend speaking events to meet and hear from ambassadors, royalty,


    and other well-respected global leaders. Join discussion groups led by students like you about topics important to you. Through JWAC students earn their global leadership certification and cords for graduation.


    Mock Trial

    Students enter the courtroom and simulate civil and criminal cases. Become an attorney and argue your client’s or the state’s position or be a witness and throw an attorney off their game. Prepare opening and closing statements and cross exams or prepare witnesses. All the excitement of the judicial system without the penalties.